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someone kill this man honestly

who the fuck does this

What the fuck I feel so bad for this woman…. First of all who even cares if you’re shoplifting from walmart? Walmart doesn’t even care, they have plenty of money they don’t care if some woman wants to steal some makeup or whatever.. They seriously don’t care about shoplifters. Also what possesses someone to act like this man? Like really you’re gonna harass and terrify a woman until she leaves the store?? She was literally running, she was totally freaked out. Who does this guy think he is?

this is fucking horrible

I work at Walmart. It’s Walmart policy that we cannot assume someone is shoplifting right away. If they’re using their purse to hold items we can only confront them if they try to leave the store. This guy isn’t a Walmart employee, he isn’t a cop. If he believed she was stealing he should have went to the manager instead of recording her.

Oh, and recording in Walmart isn’t allowed.

exactly, thank you!

this guy is threatening her with physical violence

Fucking dickhead